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Biến tần ARINCO S18 Series

Biến tần ARINCO S18

Product introduction inverter ARINCO

S18 series high-performance vector control frequency converter adopts
32-bit DSP control system. It can realize fast response and accurate control
of torque through decoupling control of motor flux current and torque
current. it can be widely used in occasions with high precision of speed
control, fast response of torque and large demand of low-frequency
output torque.

Technical characteristics inverter ARINCO

Three kinds of speed control: V/F control, open-loop vector control of SVC
without PG, closed-loop vector control of FVC with PG;
180% of the torque output can be achieved at low-speed, the control
accuracy is±5%FVC.
The speed tracking restart function realizes the smooth tracking start
of the motor without impact.
Rich expansion card options: 485 communication card, IO expansion
card and PG card and other occupied expansion cards Rich on-site
buses support two kinds of buses: Modbus and CANopen buses.
16-stage speed, simple PLC, PID control and swing frequency control
It has the PG closed-loop vector control, its speed accuracy can reach±0.1, and it
provides a speed control range of 1:1000.
The panel adopts the encoder for the speed regulation and precise speed regulation.
It supports the differential encoder, open circuit collector encoder, rotary encoder and UVW encoder.

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